Business Analysis Webinar
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  • 3:12 PM November 3, 2020

Business Analysis Webinar

We appreciate those who attended the #BusinessAnalysis webinar held on Saturday, September 19, 2020. It was such an engaging session and special thanks to;

Lawrence Reid, PMP, CSM for an enlightening presentation on Digital Transformation. We value the examples given on CRM and advice on improving sales using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Olusola Akanni MBA, PMP®, CBAP®, CSM® for the mind-blowing explanation of Business Process Improvement. You clarified the triggers that make organisation embark on process improvement initiative and advised that it is important to continuously align strategy with organizations' vision.

Uchenwanne Ubani for the in-depth description of Agility. You helped us understand why it is crucial to move swiftly and adapt in this ever-changing world. 2020 has taught a great lesson on Agile, as you rightly mentioned.

Folasade Adegoke for the informative presentation on IT Audits. You reminded us that as organisations continue to expand their use of technology, risk exposure is imminent. You advised that It is vital that organisations put controls in place to reduce/address these risks.

As technology changes, companies need to revisit their strategy to meet market demands and stay competitive. Contact us today!


Watch the recording below: