Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an event on e-ticketify is quite easy. You have the option of either creating free or premium event packages.

To create an event, simply register as a new user and click on the ‘create event’ button on the home page, fill out the details of the event and submit.

Your event can be private to you and your attendees, or set to public which can be viewed/booked by anyone visiting our website. If you want to showcase your event on the featured events segment, kindly send us a request by using the contact form on the footer.

Once a paid event is created and attendees confirmed the booking, the event dashboard will be automatically updated and the organizer can manage the analytics.

Payout can be requested at any time via a button on the event dashboard. The payment may take up to 3 to 5 business days to be processed and credited to the organizers.

For any payment related inquiry, please send an email to

  1. Click your profile image
  2. Navigate to my created event's page.
  3. Go to the Action column
  4. Select the applicable event from the rows
  5. Click on the third button to view your attendees
  6. On the top left corner, adjust the number of entries per view e.g. 10, 25, 50 or 100
  7. Click on your preferred download file from the list provided i.e. CSV, PDF or Excel
  8. You can then begin to communicate with your attendees by sending out more information about the event and/or zoom link to join the meeting via their email addresses


E-Ticketify is self-service.

Create your event and update the zoom meeting link. Your attendees will automatically receive the JOIN URL in their mailboxes.

To request our zoom link + event coordination, kindly pay applicable fees and send us an email via

Time availability is on a first come first served basis


You can collect donations when you create events on E-Ticketify

Attendees/visitors can decide how much they want to donate towards your event

E-Ticketify collects fees (15%) on the total donations received

When initiating payments, ensure the "Event Title" is captured as payment details

Contact us on for more information



To initiate a voting process for your company, kindly pay applicable fees and send the following voting information to

  • Company name, description, and logo
  • Voting categories with details
  • Nominees name, picture, and biography